Construction, engineering & mining

Our forklifts are ready to solve your industry challenges. 

Construction, engineering and mining sites pose multiple challenges to workers and operations, including rough working terrains and long loads that can include things like lumber and pipes. These heavy loads need to be moved in a safe and efficient manner, over distances that can be short or long. The solution? Forklifts that have been designed and built specifically to operate in, and solve the numerous challenges faced by, these industries. 

Our Solution: Moffett Forklifts

Moffett forklifts, integrated onto logistics trucks, are designed and engineered to optimise truck space to the fullest. These are all-wheel drive forklifts which means they are able to traverse any type of terrain, regardless of the environment where the truck has been stationed. 

Our Solution: Combilift Forklifts

Combilift multi-directional forklifts integrate the benefits of a counterbalanced forklift, side loader forklift, and very narrow aisle (VNA) forklift into a single vehicle. This provides a comprehensive forklift solution for the construction, engineering and mining industries with electric, diesel, or LPG engine options. 

Our Solution: Agrimac Forklifts

Agrimac rough terrain forklifts are designed with the construction, engineering and mining industries in mind. These forklifts have full 4×4 capabilities and boast powerful engines, including a high axle centre which provides superior ground clearance for easy navigation of even the most rugged working environments. 


Robust Construction

These forklifts are engineered with a focus on resilience and durability, tailored to withstand the rigorous and demanding environments encountered in construction, engineering, and mining sectors. Featuring heavy-duty components and reinforced structures, they are capable of handling substantial loads and navigating challenging terrains, ensuring they remain operational under tough conditions. 

Enhanced Safety

Specialised forklifts prioritise safety with custom-tailored features designed to address the unique hazards prevalent in construction, engineering, and mining sites. Enhanced visibility, improved stability, and operator protection measures such as rollover protection structures (ROPS) and falling object protection systems (FOPS) contribute to a safer work environment. 


Specialised forklifts are renowned for their adaptability and versatility, capable of handling a wide range of materials and tasks commonly encountered in these industries. Many of these forklifts offer a variety of attachments and configurations, allowing them to lift diverse loads, including pipes, pallets, machinery, and equipment. This adaptability streamlines operations and minimises the need for multiple types of equipment. 

Terrain Adaptability

These heavy-duty forklifts excel in their ability to operate effectively on uneven and rough terrains, filling a crucial gap left by standard forklifts. Their mobility and material-handling capabilities in challenging environments, such as construction sites or mining pits, ensure that work can continue uninterrupted, even in less-than-ideal conditions. 

Increased Productivity

Designed with the specific needs and challenges of the construction, engineering, and mining industries in mind, these forklifts are engineered to maximise productivity. With the capacity to quickly handle materials, load and unload heavy machinery, and maneuver in tight spaces, these forklifts contribute to reduced downtime, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency.