Freight & Logistics

Forklifts designed to save time and money. 

As anyone in the freight and logistics industry will know, the transport of goods is typically linked to tight schedules and deadlines. Any delays in the process can lead to serious damages including but not limited to the loss of perishable goods and late delivery of timesensitive products. Turnaround time is also a crucial factor for logistics companies. Why? Because a stationary truck can reduce the number of loads that can be performed, limiting a business’s ability to generate income. Luckily, there are dependable forklifts designed and built to solve these multiple challenges faced by the freight and logistics industry. 

Our Solution: Moffett

Moffett truck-mounted forklifts revolutionise the way businesses approach logistics. By seamlessly integrating a forklift onto your truck, you gain the power to transport your material-handling equipment to any destination, ensuring timely, efficient loading and unloading of goods. This mobility not only saves time but also preserves product integrity, reducing the risk of damage and enhancing customer satisfaction. 


Enhanced Efficiency

Truck-mounted forklifts enable rapid loading and unloading directly at the delivery site, eliminating the need to wait for external forklifts or equipment. This streamlines the logistics process and significantly reduces turnaround times. Improved efficiency means that delivery schedules can be more precisely adhered to, contributing to higher customer satisfaction and potentially attracting new clients. 


Truck-mounted forklifts are highly versatile and can be used in a variety of locations, including those without conventional unloading equipment or infrastructure, such as remote construction sites or small retail locations. This flexibility expands the reach of logistics companies, allowing them to service a broader range of clients and deliver goods to diverse destinations, even in challenging environments. 

Cost Savings

By eliminating the need for separate unloading equipment or additional personnel, truck-mounted forklifts can lead to significant cost savings. Companies can reduce labour expenses and equipment investment. These forklifts also decrease the dependence on external resources, which can be costly, and contribute to a more streamlined, cost-effective logistics process. 

Product Protection

Truck-mounted forklifts are designed to handle goods with precision and care. This is especially crucial for delicate or high-value cargo, as it minimises the risk of damage during unloading. The assurance that products will arrive at their destination in excellent condition is not only beneficial for customer satisfaction but also reduces the likelihood of returns, claims, or costly product losses. 

Space Optimisation

The integration of a forklift onto the truck eliminates the need for separate trailers or vehicles to transport the forklift to each delivery location. This optimisation of truck space can lead to significant fuel savings and reduce the environmental footprint of logistics operations. Space optimisation also means that logistics companies can carry more cargo in a single trip, leading to increased operational efficiency and cost savings over time.